Speciation and Monitoring

Microorganism cultures are critical to metal production in bioleaching operations, but you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

UBM offers rapid quantification of the microorganisms in the mining environment, identifying microorganism genera and species, as well as quantification of cell densities.

  • Column Testing: A baseline profile of microorganism populations over the life of a column test can be generated to identify the organisms most prevalent at different periods of the leach cycle for a particular ore.
  • Inoculation Reactors: The monitoring can be applied to inoculation reactors to ensure the population distribution for application to the heap reinforces the organisms which correlate with optimal production.
  • Mining Operations: Finally, monitoring the PLS and raffinate allow operation management to determine whether any changes have impacted the microorganism community, and whether inoculation practices should be instituted to shift the population in one direction or another.

UBM’s speciation and monitoring protocols are being applied to some of the largest mines in the world. For more information about monitoring the microorganism population of your bioleaching operation, contact us.